Malarkey Roofing Products

Malarkey Roofing Products LogoIn 2009 we were proud to introduce Malarkey Roofing Products to Decorah and northeast Iowa.  Our research found this to be a company that produces an exceptional product and offers one of the best warranties in the business.

Highest Quality Roofing Products

Malarkey products that set the standard in roofing, with colors, styles, and materials to fit your home perfectly.

Exceptional Warranties

Long lasting, dependable warranties on all Malarkey Products. Contact us for more details.

Environmental Commitment

In 1984 Malarkey received the Governor’s Award for energy conservation for the installation of a methane recovery pipeline; this system reduces Malarkey’s consumption of natural gas by over 80 percent.

Energy Star Products.

Malarkey offers Energy Star rated roofing materials to increase your home’s energy efficiency.  Contact us for details.

The Zone

A patented technology by Malarkey which allows a larger nailing area on the shingles for proper faster placement and quicker installation.  Unlike standard laminate shingles, the Zone prevents water from troughing sideways and even has two rubber modified rain seals to keep water from blowing up behind the shim.

Check out for details, or contact us to find out more.