Roofers Buggy

Don’t kiss your landscaping goodbye!  Use the Roofer’s Buggy, instead.

At Lifetime Gutters and More, we use the Equipter Roofer’s Buggy to remove debris when we replace your roof.  The Buggy can easily be backed up in almost any location, allowing us to raise the buggy bed right up to your roof line.  Then, we can easily shovel old shingles, tar paper, and nails into the buggy without making a mess on the ground.

Keep Landscaping Intact

You won’t have to worry about dumpsters tearing up your lawn or clogging your driveway.  And you don’t have to worry about debris crushing your landscaping, either.

Contact Lifetime Gutters and More and let us replace your roof the best way possible, with the Equipter Roofer’s Buggy!