Environmental Commitment

We realize how important it is to reduce negative impact on our environment.  Here at Lifetime Gutters & More, we are a proud part of the Green movement.  Because of our concern for the environment we recycle metal, aluminum and cardboard from the job sites.

Products that Last a Lifetime

Products that last the test of time mean less waste in the landfills and fewer fossil fuels being burned.  That is why we install aluminum and copper gutters and downspouts because these metals will not rust and can last a lifetime.  We also have available a Class IV shingle that is hail resistant and has excellent longevity.

Manufacturers Making a Difference

Malarkey Shingles

Malarkey Roofing Products take an active role in protecting our environment.  In 1984 Malarkey received the Governor’s Award for energy conservation for the installation of a methane recovery pipeline; this system reduces Malarkey’s consumption of natural gas by over 80 percent.  Malarkey also offers Energy Star rated roofing materials.  Find out more at Malarkey’s website.