We have downspouts available in 2”x3”, 3”x4” and 4”x5” sizes, each one sized to handle a certain amount of roof area.  Multiple downspout sizes allow us the ability to customize our product to fit your needs.

Downspout capacity:

  • 2″x3″ Downspout will drain 600 sq. ft of roof area.
  • 3″x4″ Downspout will drain 1200 sq. ft. of roof area.
  • 4″x5″ Downspout will drain 2000 sq. ft. of roof area

The Lifetime Difference

Lifetime Gutters believes in Quality Work and Quality Products.  We don’t cut corners, but go the extra mile to make sure our quality products are installed properly and securely.

Here’s what sets us apart from with downspout installation:

Aluminum Outlet Connections

When installing the downspouts we use an aluminum outlet to provide better support and stability for your downspout.  Some companies simply “X” cut the bottom of the gutter and use the tabs of the cuts to connect the downspout.  This makes for a very weak connection that can actually tear the bottom of your gutter if you have ice build-up or windstorm pressures.  Our installation ensures that the gutter and downspout are properly secured to withstand Mother Nature.

Aluminum Rivets

Our installers use aluminum rivets to secure the downspouts, elbows and corners.  Some companies use zip screws instead of aluminum rivets, which makes for faster installation but runs the risk of the screws working loose and/or rusting.  Aluminum rivets never rust or come loose so you won’t have to call us back.