Soffits and Fascia

Vented Soffit

As you improve your home, remember to make sure you have plenty of ventilation for your roof.  We can install new aluminum vented soffit that allows fresh air to get into your attic space.

Extend Shingle Life

Having a properly vented attic with help from new aluminum vented soffit can extend shingle life and keep your attic cooler in the summer.

Reduce Ice Dams

A properly vented attic also helps to reduce snow melt in the winter and reduces ice dams.  Every winter we get calls about this very problem.

Ice dams occur when the snow melts during the day and then freezes when the temperatures cool down at night. The melting snow refreezes when it contacts the cold surface over the soffit and starts to form an ice ridge. After several occurrences the ice buildup can become significant.

Ice dams are typically due to inadequate insulation and/or ventilation. Properly installed insulation will reduce the heat loss from your attic, and keeping attic space well ventilated with aluminum soffit will maintain a cool dry underside of your roof both winter and summer. A properly vented attic will reduce the melting of the snow from heat loss and also help with keeping the roof cooler in the summer thereby helping with the life of your shingles.

Aluminum Fascia

While you are making these improvements to your home you might want to consider adding aluminum fascia.  We can custom bend aluminum fascia in lengths up to 14 feet.